Journey to the 50th: Episode 1 - ‘The Journey Begins’
Today on Who Addicts Reviews! James Wilson & Matthew Rowney will be uploading their first episode of a new documentary series on YouTube where you will get to see them outside of the channel as they prepare for the big day on November 23rd!
The journey begins when the two of them hunt for ‘The Day of the Doctor’ tickets in their local cinema.

Journey to the 50th: Episode 1 - ‘The Journey Begins’

Today on Who Addicts Reviews! James Wilson & Matthew Rowney will be uploading their first episode of a new documentary series on YouTube where you will get to see them outside of the channel as they prepare for the big day on November 23rd!

The journey begins when the two of them hunt for ‘The Day of the Doctor’ tickets in their local cinema.

Benedict Cumberbatch: How long has Sherlock got?

Now! I am a HUGE fan of Ben! I first became aware of him as I think most of us did…in the BBC series Sherlock and when I saw him in that, I just knew he was going to be in bigger things in no time. The man seriously is one of the greatest actors in Britain and I predicted that the rest of the world would realise his brilliance.

Since then! I’ve seen him have a small part in Steven Spielberg’s War Horse, the critically acclaimed Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy and even a film called ‘Wreckers’.

But Cumberbatch I think you’ll agree, made his big breakout role in Hollywood blockbuster sequel…Star Trek Into Darkness! where he played a rebooted (and in my opinion, improved) version of Khan who was originally played by Ricardo Montalban. 

That was the film where I started to think to myself YES! HE’S FINALLY REALISED HIS POTENTIAL!! :D Because in my opinion, it is impossible to put that man in a role and make the movie total shite! It’s still early in his newly found career so I’m yet to see him in an awful movie but his acting is just soooo good that I’m finding it hard to not be entranced by his ability to put blood, sweat and tears into everything he does.

And in a lot of his interviews you’ll notice, he’s a very down to earth and very nice guy.

How ever! A thought crossed my mind one day and to some fans of Sherlock, this may give you a heart attack just for suggesting this but…

How long can Benedict Cumberbatch keep playing Sherlock??? He’s getting bigger and actually better than the show!! Not the actual legend of Sherlock Holmes, just the show itself.

Sherlock is later on in the year going to returning for a third run of three weekly episodes as the consulting detective and we have been treated to two sneak peaks containing the new series thus far and I can’t help but be shocked at how he even found time to film it! :O

Think about it though!…

The man has got so many offers flowing in and loads of movies coming out…including ‘The Fifth Estate’ where he plays WikiLeaks founder Jullian Assange (forgive me if I’ve spelt his name wrong). Plus! he will be rejoining his Sherlock co star Martin Freeman to enter into the world of Middle Earth for Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ where he plays the title character…a dragon!…called Smaug!!

I am an aspiring actor myself and I’d love to know how he makes room to film Sherlock while he’s got so many other stuff in play.

But it’s gotten me to thinking, if one thing in his career has GOT to be sacrificed AT ALL then I have a feeling that it’s going to be Sherlock because the delay of the third series has got to be a sign that both Benedict Cumberbatch AND Martin Freeman are getting too busy to film it. That isn’t me saying that they should shun the very show that probably got them noticed! I just think that sometimes a great show…in fact an exemplery show! has to end because it’s two main stars have got big careers now.

And personally I think that Moffat needs to get his head out of his own arse and realise that it’s not HIM that is making this show great because his episodes of Sherlock aren’t even the best out of the 3 in my opinion!! The people that are making this show great is Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman with their superb acting and great chemistry with each other.

They are both realising their potential and so they should, as much as it will be sad to see this show go…I just think that Sherlock is on it’s way out…

Please tell me your opinion in the comments below :)

Thank You for reading!

- James Wilson


Doctor Who - Trailer coming soon??

Tonight at 8.25pm, before and after new BBC One show ‘Atlantis’. Some information of some sort will be given on ‘The Day of the Doctor’ and they have told us that they have filmed a never seen before trailer for the 50th that as we all know! Is long overdue.

I am going to sound incredibly ungrateful and I suppose I should be jumping up and down with excitement right now but for some reason…I’m not! I guess I’ve been waiting for a trailer for so long that I’ve lost the need to actually be excited about it. Personally! I don’t think I will be happy with it until I’ve seen it!

Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor Trailer??? Where is it???

Now! This has been a hot topic ever since Comic Con back in June or July and I’ve always said that I agree with the fact that the 8 thousand + attendees at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Panel got the trailer for the special first…

BUT IT’S BEEN OVER 3 MONTHS NOW!! And yes! I must say, that poster for the special with Matt and David back to back and John Hurt walking out of what is clearly the Time War was and STILL IS AWESOME!! But when the name for the special was released to be ‘The Day of the Doctor’ along with the poster, the BBC told us that the countdown to the 50th special had begun to which every Whovian on the planet was obviously jumping with excitement that we will be finally getting the one thing that we have wanted this entire time.


We have been so incredibly patient with these people and they have done nothing but shit on us and practically bum over the Americans because they’re obsessed with it over seas!!! They’ve forgotten about the little people like me! Who couldn’t afford to go to Comic Con, the ones who won’t be able to afford to go to London for the BIG 50TH CELEBRATION EVENT!!!! 


Hell! If the BBC can give us a specific date of when the DVD & Blu-Ray release of ‘The Day of the Doctor’ is going to be…a trailer must be a breeze! 

Give us the trailer you cunts! Because now your just pissing off the people who get you fucking paid!!

Doctor Who - Capaldi is gunna be…busy!

I’m going to be perfectly blunt here, filming Doctor Who takes up 10 months of an actors year (give or take). And that’s only for a bloody season!…He then has to go back and film the Christmas Special.

Peter Capaldi is going to be BUSY. BUSY. BUSY, so directors or writers who had him in mind for any roles will most likely not get him. That’s the curse of playing one of the most iconic roles in TV history I’m afraid! There will be barely any time at all for Capaldi to do other projects and with his reputation as a BAFTA winner and another well known role resting firmly on his shoulders.

That is something he’s got to be aware of, he has now got to impress our very judgmental fandom and remake an entire role that is entirely in his hands. Plus! It’s a role he has been watching since he was 9 years old or possibly younger! A lot of pressure is on him right now so he has barely no time to be handed any other script that isn’t Doctor Who related.

So, for anyone who were big fans of his political comedy series ‘The Thick of It’ where he played swear happy Malcolm Tucker…I’m afraid he is going to be permanently engaged for (I hope) a good 3-4 years.

Apparently some of his cast members from the series and the series CREATOR think so too. Don’t believe me? Click on the link below which contains an interview from the writer of BBC One’s upcoming drama series ‘The Musketeers’, of which Capaldi is the series’ villain:

If you can’t be arsed reading that then simply listen to the specific part about it. Adrian Hodges (writer of said show) had said that Capaldi’s casting as the 12th Doctor makes it near enough impossible for him to return in the second series of ‘The Musketeers’, The BBC are already certain it will put bums on sofas and warrant a 2nd run…probably due to a certain Doctor in the making being in it!

Good marketing technique on the beebz part really! They announce Capaldi as the new Doctor, then they use THAT as an advantage to get people to watch their new period drama based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas. Be serious though! Like this article if you are only watching it because Capaldi is in it.

Certainly! I will give it a go.

But anyway! The point I am making is that, with Capaldi as the new Doctor then he will have next to no time to make any other shows/movies. Better thing too! Once he takes his Doctor out for a test run, then hopefully those Malcolm Tucker/Doctor Who mash ups will FUCK THE FUCK OFF!!

Oops! I just quoted Tucker.

Written by

James Wilson

Doctor Who: 3 Things I Hope Will Happen with the 12th Doctor

1. More serious acting

Now I certainly don’t want soap opera sort of acting where every 30 seconds there’s the so called ‘actor’ with no dialogue but pulls a face to let the audience know that they’ve got a secret or have done something terribly wrong! I hate that sort of thing!

So when I say ‘more serious acting’, I really mean something different from how Matt Smith did things. On rare occasions, the 11th Doctor would face an enemy by acting like a total buffoon and would take the intimidation and emotion right out of the entire scene.

I know that with the Doctor, there always needs to be a certain sort of humor…in the 21st Century with today’s children anyway. Especially with Steven Moffat’s writing he will put in a sort of comedy that suits Peter Capaldi’s Doctor but I also hope with ALL MY HEART that Moffat is aware that Capaldi has a lot more experience under his belt than Matt Smith.

I’m almost certain that Capaldi will play the Doctor with intimidation, wit and a much darker way of doing things that will send shivers into Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and well…ANYTHING! that the time lord faces but of course! Above all of that, the Doctor still has to do things for the greater good of creation and no matter how bad he will seem sometimes…He will always come out of it with a smile on his face and a love for adventure.

2. Asking the Doctor questions

Now it’s safe to say that the Doctor has been a bit more of a closed book over the last 8 years than he had been in the classic series…actually! he’s been a book that’s wrapped up, stapled, chained and locked in a box with the key thrown into the deepness of space!! That’s how much of a closed book he has been recently!

And who can blame him! The man fought in a war, not just that but would probably make all the wars on planet Earth look like a tea party. On top of that, he sent his entire race to destruction and arguably his family with it. So I can’t say I blame him for not booking a meeting with a therapist.

But one of the things I’m hoping for Peter’s number 12 is that Clara and any companion he may have in his tenure, I hope they ask him questions that he feels unable to answer because I used to love those moments where a companion would ask the Doctor a difficult question but hated it when the Doctor would dismiss it.

I’d just love it if Clara asked him “What does it feel like? To be 12 completely different people across a life span lasting a millennium?”. Because it doesn’t matter if that’s what Time Lords do! Change! Change! Change! Regardless of how normal it would seem to me, I’d still feel a sense of fear and dread everytime I’d change because I’d never know whether I was going to be a good person or a bad person.

If the Doctor can turn into anything, what’s to stop his personality becoming completely and utterly as evil as the enemies he faces. So the Doctor should be frightened and I hope that Capaldi’s number 12 will be more willing to answer questions.

3. No more radiation poisoning

Some people wouldn’t really class the way the 9th Doctor regenerated as ‘radiation poisoning’ but he still absorbed a sort of fatal energy that would kill him and I think Russell (T Davies) got too comfortable with that way of story telling and I’m just hoping that Moffat chooses something more creative to kill off the 11th Doctor.

Anyway! the 11th wouldn’t suit that way of dying anyway, I’m personally hoping that he gets killed by The Silence in the Christmas Special because that way it would be different from the way the previous two Doctors have died.

Think about it! The final threats that the Doctor has faced before his curtain call have not actually been direct reasons why he died. Each Doctor so far has had a ‘main big baddy’ of their tenures…

The 9th Doctor’s big grudge match against the Daleks was just right for him because they had unfinished business with each other due to the Time War.

The 10th Doctor had the most perfect ending any Doctor has ever had, his final battle was against the Master and GALLIFREY ITSELF!! because they were the perfect villain for him to face in his final days.

And the 11th Doctor’s big baddy that’s been following him around since Day 1 is…The Silence!

But the Daleks, The Master and the Time Lords weren’t the actual reason why both those Doctor’s died. They were just the threats that the Doctor had to face before dying and it all boiled down to saving their companions. Don’t get me wrong! Both of them were pitch perfect endings! Especially End of Time! Those are my favorite episodes…EVER!

But I think it’s time for something much different :) Like this post if you agree!

BBC Doctor Who 50th Trailer Announcement Confirmed *FAKE*

Matthew here from Who Addicts Reviews and earlier on tonight we received word through our Facebook page which is “Who Addicts Reviews” that the BBC had announced on there official BBC One twitter page that the 50th anniversary trailer that we have all been waiting for, will be revealed this Saturday but strangely the tweet had been instantly deleted but! Obviously our instant reaction was excitement! And we uploaded a breaking news video onto our YouTube channel straight away which got instant views and loads of fans screaming out in happiness! And as all out excitement reached its peak we got another message through our Facebook…which captioned “BAD NEWS” and we instantly knew what had happened, after someone had asked the BBC to confirm the trailer tweet was true they replied with….”FAKE” they were that blunt….that simple… Like they didn’t care…they just said…fake!
Now you can imagine we had to delete the video apologise to everyone that the tweet was forged get very angry but most importantly our excitement was replaced with devastation and anger as once again we’d had our hopes brought up!…and dropped to the floor!
Don’t get me wrong! I’m not directly blaming the BBC as they didn’t forge the tweet or create it but surely there must of been some way of someone using there twitter name, profile picture, information etc, could of got caught, blocked or reported, I was always curious as to why the BBC deleted the tweet as soon as it was uploaded proving it was on there account which begs there account security, I’m not blaming the BBC but any trust I had with them (which was next to nothing anyway) has completely gone! Because when they do tweet revealing a trailer is coming soon everyone will doubt them, think its fake and not take them seriously, not all there fault I know but once again the BBC have screwed up announcements surrounding the 50th trailer and I hope whoever created this forged this tweet has been tied up and constantly beaten by many Whovians, BUT, we still have the ACTUAL OFFICIAL tweet from Friday from BBC One that we will get more than a trailer and we will get it pretty soon! So chin up! There still hope even though we just have to wait….. Even longer :/
If you want to know more about the tweets from BBC either the fake one or the official check out our YouTube channel for more in depth analysis of what we think we recommend you give them a watch!